We are Innovation

With the competitive market and eager for new and quality products, innovation is no longer an objective and has become a necessity to follow the social, economic and technological changes that happen continuously and at great speed.

In our daily lives, we seek to innovate how to do innovation. Our efforts are directed towards the creation of technological environments and processes and go further, seeking the formation of an environment conducive to the cultivation of creativity – for us, a fundamental ingredient for innovation. Here at Agroterenas, the stimulation of creativity and innovation results in new technologies and knowledge that can be applied throughout the company. An example of this are the “Canteiro de Ideias” and “Inova 2.0” projects.

These projects were implemented in order to encourage our collaborators to actively participate with suggestions, ideas and projects. The first promotes the improvement of activities already carried out; the second aims to positively change a process, with a focus on generating value, whether in the way of doing things more safely, reducing costs or increasing revenues.

This is our way of managing innovation at Agroterenas: believing that good ideas can cause great changes.

It is from these changes that we aim continuous and embracing procedures, including expanding our partnerships with external agents such as universities, customers and our own community. In this way, it is possible to create competitive advantages in the medium and long terms, also align our goals and objectives.

Such actions challenge us every day to do differently and better, so the company, collaborators and the community are benefited. One of or secrets is to always look for the new, by combining creativity with hard work and attitude. After all, we are what we are, we are innovation!