We are Sustainability

Sustainable development is more than an objective, it is truly part of our values. Every day, we wake up with the commitment to find the best practices that guarantee longevity and efficiency in the different areas which we operate. People like us, who depend on and have their history linked to the land, know that adopting measures to conserve natural resources are essential to ensure our longevity.

We take great care of each production process and each activity we propose in order to minimize impacts on the environment. We respect and demand respect when our principles and legislation are at stake, so we encourage awareness and environmental intervention programs, with training of our employees and the exercise of healthy practices for soil preservation and use of natural resources.

Crop rotation, which consists of periodically alternating plant species in the same agricultural area, is also an efficient practice and improves the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of our soil.

We invest energy, resources and commitment in modern agronomic practices that generate positive results. We can highlight the integrated management of pests and soil, fertirrigation, the reuse of residues for fertilizing the soil, the appropriate use of agricultural inputs, the treatment and use of rainwater, as well as the reuse of condensed water in industry. In addition, we make use of the orange bagasse for cattle feed and use orange wood for steam generation. We maintain the legal reserve above the limits provided for the legislation, we plant and conserve permanent preservation areas. We also take care to ensure that contaminated residues, recyclable, sanitary and organic waste is disposed correctly, triple washing of pesticide packaging, among others.


Our social activities at Agroterenas involves its collaborators, partners, suppliers, customers and the community in a strong relationship. Dialogue, ethics and respect are valued in order to create and maintain lasting relationships.


The training of our collaborators is a permanent goal, as the developments reflects directly on the results achieved. For that purpose, programs and policies are developed to highlight teamwork and individual responsibility.


We are committed to the people, organizations and municipalities that surround us with the aim of promoting sustainability and citizenship through educational, health and cultural campaigns.