Produção de Grãos

We are connected with the preservation of the environment and we know that maintenance is fundamental for the success of the business. That is why we seek efficient ways to produce in harmony with nature, adopting practices to improve the physical, chemical and biological conditions of the soil.

Grain production currently takes place in an area of 9.5 thousand ha and has high productive potential. We have soybean and corn production in rotation with sugarcane. The choice to work with other crops takes into consideration the fact that rotation is vital for agriculture. Entry of a different family crop makes possible the diversification and generating benefits.

Crop rotation favors the production system and, among other benefits, reduces the incidence of pests, diseases and weeds. It promotes conditions to increasing crop productivity, creating benefits in three specific areas:

  • Economic: better use of resources (soil, machines, labor), generation of additional revenue and improvement in cash flow;
  • Technicians: breaking the life cycle of pests and diseases, make easy the weed control, improves the organic matter in the soil, cycling and increase residual of nutrients and protecting the soil against erosion processes;
  • Social: hiring labor in times of low demand in the region, generating and distributing income in the off-season of sugarcane.

The adoption of this production system allows the company to act sustainably in its activities. In addition to enabling perpetuation in your business.