Produção de Laranja

AGT Citrus has 3.7 million orange trees planted in an area of 7.5 thousand hectares in the municipalities of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, São Pedro do Turvo and Espírito Santo do Turvo, all of them located in São Paulo state. Average annual production is around 3,5 million boxes of fresh orange.

Our production follows strict norms and standards. The entire process goes through an intense quality control, guaranteeing the integrity, transparency and harmonization of the global agricultural standards. This includes good agricultural practices and food safety.

We also have a traceability system to better follow the processes of loading, transport and delivery of the fruits. Through this system it is possible to record information such as the driver's name, vehicle plate, weight, date, time and destination of the orange. In this way we obtain the exact information for each cargo transported from the field.

There are three destinations for the fruit produced: part of it goes to the fresh market, part for the own production of FCOJ juice and co-products, and the remaining amount is destined to third party industries.


Fresh Fruit Market

Packing House

AGT Citrus commercializes fresh orange through the processing in its Packing House. All the processes are audited and certified. Our products have traceability throughout the productive chain, having customers in all the regions of the country, with guaranteed delivery of the highest quality product.

Commercialization to third party industries

The fruits destined to third party industries follow the same production pattern as the fruit produced for own processing, with traceability of all production processes, following the high-quality standard.


Sicilian Lemon

To diversify the orange culture and optimize the processing period of the factory, we invested in the cultivation of lemon, initially in an area of 42 ha. Our target is to reach 200 ha in the next two years, with an estimated production of 300 thousand boxes.

Highly productive, the main harvest is carried out during the off-season of the orange (March to May). The competitive advantage of lemon is the extraction and commercialization of essential oil, used in the food and cosmetics industries, in addition to frozen concentrated lemon juice. Part of the production should be directed to the commercialization of fresh fruit.

The varieties cultivated are Limoneira, Lisbon and Genoa.